To sum up, PPP is a framework offering to support midi jamming over wifi features to audio applications and instruments. That means that apps can be connected to each other over wifi with a slave/master paradigm, enabling each sequencer to be in synch with each others.

What is it about ?

PPP stands for Puredata Party Publisher and it's a project that will help you to export your own Pure-Data patches thanks to libpd to a full fledged application, that you can distribute as you want - in respect of the license agreement. It's not all but that is what you can do at minima, at most you can build custom guis and benefit from a standard midi clock shared over wifi for all your patches (that's last one is the "party" part !)

Our goal was not replace anything, but to make it possible for you to integrate new stuff into your workflow and let also non-pders to benefit from your voodoo pd skills in their standard midi setup.

If we can start an audio developpers community to build a wide range of musical apps sharing their beats over wifi : all the better !

You can check out the very first batch of applications (still alpha).

So from now either you are :

  • a performer : So you can checkout the user guide to start jamming.
  • a pd designer : So you can checkout the programmer guide to start building an application from a Pure-Data patch.
  • a PPP Contributor : So you can checkout the project wiki to start contributing.